Changing light

A blue tinged sky rimmed by budding trees

Something that always amazes me about the world is the vast amount of circumstances that can surround any given event or object. As time moves the circumstances around you change, invoking a different reaction out of the life that they affect. A chilly spring dusk is enough to enhance the greens and blues of my neighborhood, to show the plants in their full glory as beings of changing light. Those who wait for the sun after torrential storms, they who bear the brunt of the elements and take their life from its power.

A blue tinged sky rimmed by budding trees

Shifting colors

As I set out for my daily walk,the color of the sky and fading daylight astounded me. When standing out in the open the world was struck in shaded blues and whites. The sky was coated in thick shifting clouds and it was as if they were projecting their chaotic blue light onto the land beneath. Every opposing color muted in favor of this perpetual blue.

Freshly grown maple leaves in a yellowed light

As time moves

As the clouds released the sun my view was altered irrevocably, gone was the diminishing blue of the cloudy skies and hence came the golden light of an early sunset. Each muted color that was gone before came back in droves. The world glowed with water and gold, a testament to life’s will to forge itself through the force of time.

In an effort to respect the privacy of my neighbors I was limited in the pictures that I could take. I have plans to take a trip to a wooded stream nearby and have hopes to capture more full pictures.

Spring eyes

A broken rotting branch set in contrast against the color of wet bark

I’ve decided to start posting my photos here rather than spamming the CapeCraft pics channel every day. I’ve always loved taking photos of the world around me, trying my best to capture the moments that hold my attention and sustain my perspective of it. , through the years I have fallen in and out of the practice so I’m still very new to it.

The setting sun as seen through branches

The sunset after a spring storm

As I was walking the light caught my attention through the branches. The color it gave the leaves around it gave evidence to a flowering spring soaking in the aftermath of a storm. A dull green lit by a shuttered sun.

A broken rotting branch set in contrast against the color of wet bark

The color of wet rot

I have passed this tree hundreds of time in the past year or so. It has been part of my daily commute to work and the store. However, during my walk today after the storm the bright colors of the wet rotting branch stood out like never before. It was set against a flat colored sky and darkened bark. A way that I have never had the chance to observe it.

Wilting tulips covered in drops of freshly fallen water

The aging beauty

Tulips are short lived marvels. They flower so quickly in the early spring, weathering the last frosts of a long winter. As the spring storms wear on they fight time by filling themselves with water and sun as you only can in the months of spring. As seen here the ones in my yard and nearing their end, sacrificing their beauty so that they can regrow the next year.

A sunset as seen through clouds and trees

Of all the views

Of everywhere to view the sunset in my small neighborhood there is one road that seems to always highlight the sun perfectly. Perfectly facing the west as to capture the sun while it’s wreathed in the clouds. A perfect way to highlight the glowing colors and shades of the fading light.