Supporter Server Rules

These are the rules every player, including staff, is expected to follow when they play on the server. For the most part it’s fairly simple, just don’t be a jerk. But I’ll lay out the guidlines and expectations just so that everyone’s on the same page.

If you believe you’ve been punished unfairly, please email us at

All rules are up to staff discretion

Situations can get complicated, fast. So it’s up to our staff to try and sort through what’s going on and make the decision they think is best. This is a Minecraft server and not a government, you are not owed any explanation as to why a decision was made. The staff member may explain the decision if they want to, but they are in no way required to.

All General Rules apply

All rules listed in the General Rules page apply in open Game chat, Private In-Game messages, and any other form of standard or non-standard communication in-game.

Containers in public areas are public unless otherwise marked

Any container left in a public area is free to take items from or store items in unless it’s marked otherwise. If a container is in a player’s base then it is by default private. Public areas would be places like spawn, the market (outside of stalls), or public farms.

Ask before pvping someone.

Pvp is on all the time. So make sure you make sure the other player wants to fight before you attack them. If anyone dies they won’t lose their inventory or XP but it can still be annoying. If you don’t ask them first you’ll likely get in trouble for it.

Remember that other players exist

This isn’t an extensive list, but I will update it as needed. However, most of what I expect players to do is to realize that there are other people trying to have fun here. If you’re unsure if what you’re doing is going to infringe on someone else’s enjoyment, then you should probably ask if it’s okay with them that you do it.

Things like building close to their base, copying their stall design block for block, creating a running joke about them being (Insert awkwardly bad thing here), etc. These things can be fun, but make sure it’s fun for everyone.