General Rules

These are the rules that apply across all incarnations of my community. Albeit Game Servers, Reddits, Discord servers, streams, or various social media. They are subject to change and the terms listed below.

I and my moderators reserve the right to enforce the rules as we see fit and to enforce rules that are not explicitly listed here. This is to ensure that we maintain the ability to enforce any unforeseen loopholes in our wording and to prevent the list from becoming a novel on how to be a decent human being. As long as you respect others and listen to what they have to say, then we shouldn’t have any issues.

If you believe you’ve been punished unfairly, please email us at

Keep discussions open and inviting.

There is a lot of value to be had in diverse discussions on just about any topic, so please make sure that you don’t turn a discussion hostile towards other people or ideas when there’s no reason to.

Do not discuss bans or punishments

Any discussions about current or past bans or punishments from any community will not be tolerated. If you need to discuss or appeal a punishment you received in our community please send an email to
Any discussion of your punishment outside of the email will result in an immediate and retroactive denial of your appeal.

Keep heavy topics to the proper channels.

A lot of us come here to relax and enjoy our free time. We do have spaces to discuss political and weighted topics for the time being, so please keep anything related to ongoing world events or IRL drama to those places.

Do not attack individuals or groups.

This is a very general rule by design. Any form of targeted bullying, hate speech, or harassment will not be tolerated. While we allow the use of swears they are not to be directed towards people. This includes in our political channels.

No sexual content.

The general NSFW rule applies. We are not an adult oriented community and as such do not allow for sexually explicit content. This includes but is not limited to, Sexualized Roleplay, Pornographic imagery, and Fetish discussion.

Ask before you advertise.

Sharing other communities is amazing! But we need to make sure that the communities are relevant to our community or the discussion at hand. This is to avoid getting spammed with community links.

Don’t spam.

Just don’t, no one likes it.

Please make sure that any criticism is constructive.

If someone is going to spend time making something and you feel it’s worth responding to, then it’s worth at least putting in the effort to not tear them down. If the only thing you have to say is that it sucks, but not why or how, then your criticism sucks because all it does is limit their creativity.