Supporter Server Features

To make the game a bit more fun and accessible for everyone involved, we’ve added a few extra features to the server. This page will be kept up-to-date with the latest changes and how-to’s. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me on discord or through my email at

Light Level Viewer

We’ve added a server-side plugin that displays colored particles over blocks depending on the light level. This is mainly used to locate places where mobs can spawn. To accses it run the command /ll. Now you’ll see yellow particles where mobs will spawn at night and red particles where mobs will always spawn.

Chunk Loader

We’ve added one of the Experimental DataPacks from Vanilla Tweaks that allows for chunks to be loaded by players. There are some important things to note about how chunk loading works before I explain how to do it.

There are certain things in the game that require a player to be nearby for them to happen. The list of causes is relatively small, but those causes affect a large portion of what can be done in loaded chunks. The items listed below are a generalization of what does not happen if a player is nearby.

  • Mob spawning
  • Crop Growth
  • Grass/Mycelium Spreading

In general if your farm or idea relies on any the listed items, it won’t work in a force-loaded chunk. The reason being that there are a set of calculations that are only done within a certain radius of the player that cause those actions to take place.

In order to force-load a chunk you need to locate the chunk you want to load with F3+G and then place down a lodestone somewhere within that chunk. With the lodestone placed down drop a netherstar on top of it and the chunk will stay loaded as long as the lodestone block isn’t broken.

Keep in mind that it will only fully load the one chunk it’s in. If you aren’t familiar with how chunk loading levels work, I’d suggest only building within the chunks that have a “loadstone” in them for the best results.

Custom Prefixes

Certain supporter Tiers and winners of my weekly giveaway have the ability to define their own prefix with /chat. To define a custom prefix just run the command, select the book on the left, then the netherstar in the bottom right. You’ll then be asked to enter the prefix you want into chat. You can use any Minecraft color code or hexadecimal color codes in this format {#FFFFFF}.

Sand Farming

To fill the niche that sand duping fills we’ve changed the loot table for husks to include sand and glass. The drops are as below

Normal Death
2-4 sand without looting
an additional 2 sand for each level of looting
effective 4-6 when killed by a maxed sword
Sand can be directly substituted for glass when the husk is on fire

Additional Player Kill drops
1-2 red sand without looting
an additional 1 red sand for each level of looting
effective 4-5 when killed by a maxed sword

Spectator Mode

All players have the ability to enter spectator mode at any time. However, when you return to survival mode you will be teleported back to the location you were at when you entered spectator mode. For example, if you fall into a lava lake and enter spectator mode, you will be returned to that exact position when leaving spectator mode.

The commands you can use to interact with the plugin are as follows.

/gmsp Places you into spectator mode and stores your current location.
/gms Places you into survival mode and returns you to the last location you were in survival mode. If there is no location stored then you’re returned to your spawn.

/gmtoggle This acts as both of the above commands. If you’re in survival mode it acts as gmsp, if you’re in spectator mode then it acts as gms.

/gmreturn If you’re in spectator mode this will print the current return location stored for you.

Web map

We have a web map on the server that displays the entire world and each player’s location. Anyone can accsess the map at and players can create markers using signs in-game.

To create a marker use the below format on a sign, and to remove the marker just break the sign. If you want to use an icon for the marker replace <icon> with the name of a marker from