Community Server

I host a semi-Vanilla Minecraft server for my Supporters and Community members. There are a few ways to join the server and I’m slowly adding more over time. The server has a small barrier to entry to help prevent nefarious players and trolls from joining the server and so that we can have less restrictions on things like farms.

I’ll keep this main page up-to-date on the ways you can join the server and the associated benefits. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to reach out to me on discord or through my email at

Become a Patron

All tiers on my Patreon get accses to the server by default. However, the second tier also gets the ability to define their own custom prefix in-game.

Subscribe to me on Twitch

All twitch Subscribers get accses to the server by default as well as Twitch’s own provided benefits like Ad-Free watching and Double Channel points. Tier two and three also get the ability to define their own custom prefix in-game.

Boost my Discord server

If you boost the discord server with any amount of boosts you get accses to the server with the Nitro rank!

Win the weekly Giveaway on my mid-week stream

I do at least one Giveaway for the LuckyOne rank every week on my Wednesday stream. If win and don’t have accses to the server already you get the LuckyOne rank for 60 days. If you do already have accses by other means you get the ability to set your own prefix for 60 days instead.