Heavens Of Sorcery

Heavens Of Sorcery is a magic based skyblock Modpack developed by the creator of regrowth and sprout, ThePhoenixLodge. It takes a new look at skyblock mechanics by changing the methods to gather new materials and following TPL’s style of cross-mod integration. Every step of the way you’ll be using multiple mods in new and interesting ways to progress, making the pack feel very unified.

I host a server for the current version of HOS and will be able to update to new versions relatively fast. The pack is still very much in beta and we work directly with TPL to fix any bugs found in the pack.

Server IP:
Curseforge link
Official Pack Discord

This is a beta release of Heavens of Sorcery. The progression is not finished and there are dead ends. Some releases may have game breaking bugs and resets are inevitable.

Server Specific Rules

General rules apply to the server.

All rules listed on our general rules still apply to in game chat and actions.

Do not post about a crash without a crash report.

If your game crashes please provide a crash report. If you are unsure how to get one please ask a staff member.

PVP is on for immersion. Do not kill other players without permission.

Do not test your weapons on other players without their permission. If you kill a player without permission and they get upset about it you will be punished.

Do not curse at or harass people.

Cursing is allowed, but you can’t tear people down or use your words in a derogatory sense. Fights are to be done in private or in a civil fashion.

3 thoughts on “Heavens Of Sorcery”

  1. Hey man, I don’t know if there was a server support page but could you pull up the server into a backup that doesn’t have this crippling lag spell my partner made? Using the Wizardry mod it goes on indefinitely, and the lag it induces is crazy. He tested it out and initially it seemed fine but as time went on the spell got more powerful. Now one covers the entirety of our island as well as another in the nether and two in the Underworld. If you could just quickly clear entities or roll back the server that would be amazing. Thank you.

    • Hey, all good! We’ll have no issues removing the entities but we’ll need some more information about your island first. There’s a Discord linked on the right where you can ping the Moderators and we can get you sorted there 😀

  2. help i died in a rift door and now i cant get back to my grave even with the key it will not let me use a pearl to teleport there


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