Motion Defined

Find me motion defined
A motion that shows its mind
Staying within lines predefined
Reactions by which life can bind

Find me a word stuck in time
That shows meaning through design
The word a beating heart against a flatline
Showing itself through a motion defined

Show me where the world lies
On the brink of two torn lines
Lines built on what motion defines
Motion derived from lidded minds

Teach me moving truth
By which our minds find youth
In tandem our lost bodies move
Our thinking towards something new

Take notice of the moving world around you. By the interactions we and the world around us has, we build the future, just as the present was built by the past. Watch, and learn. The world wants to teach. It has wonders and mysteries in every inconsequential action, areas of study not yet conceived of, and struggles by which millions may die.

– mov51

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