The city of clay

The grand scale of such a place
Echos racing across this vast space
The empty sound betraying the shape
Drawn out dry while holding a great face
Standing tall and proud, facing the great escape

Each side listening to the void, hearing the steps of all
Every sound a light shone across these great halls
Sunbeams unable to make the shadows fall
Objects hued by distance, color stalled
Every solid face thrown to turmoil

The city sits still, yet to me its warping
Every massive pillar a towering reed twisting
Every building a shape of motion all but missing
To an untrained ear all is gone, a trick that’s skipping
The squares become triangles, the world all but warping
It’s shape unaware of shape, the world is but chaos forming

The wind is a monster
A most mischievous trickster
Taking minds with his whistler
Deafening the unfortunate who hear
Visions of the world lost screaming louder
Obnoxious wind, a plight on the land, our sharper

Somehow the first two paragraphs didn’t display.
I fixed it as soon as I got home, I will no longer completely edit and post from mobile.

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