IP: sprout.mov51.net I host a server for the modpack sprout. The pack is focused on exploration and intermod gating. This means that in order to progress through the pack you have to touch on each of the mods and explore the world to find the resources you need.

This is a modpack for the java edition of the game. Seeing as you can't mod other versions of minecraft if you don't have java edition you will be unable to play on this server.

You need at least 4 GB of ram to allocate to minecraft, any less and the game will be unplayable. A dedicated graphics card is generally required but some integrated ones seem to be able to handle the load.

RulesClick each rule for more information

This is a beta pack, there are crashes and bugs that will cause lost progress and downtime. Our staff team has experience in dealing with these issues and have been involved throughout the development of the pack. We are continually trying to fix these issues as they come up and adding the fixes to the pack for the pack maker to use.
We can't help you without a crash report as thats where the game tells us what went wrong. If you don't know how to get a crash report, start with that. It will save everyone time.
Do not test your weapons on other players without their permission. There are weapons in this pack that will by chance one shot a player at any level. If you kill a player without permission and they get upset about it you will be punished.
We will not replace items lost from a non-claimed base. If you don't know how to claim your base ask a staff member and they will help you out.
Other players may be using those way stones as a warp to important locations. This rule includes breaking them to rename them as that removes it from their list.
Structures that contain npcs are important to the packs completion and are not allowed to be claimed by players.
Keep your waystones unique. As in dont name them "home", "cliff", "house", or "the place". If nothing else add your name to it so that others who visit have a way to tell your waystone from someone elses.
Cussing is allowed, but you can't tear people down or use your words in a derogatory sense. Fights are to be done in private or in a civil fashion.
Do not ping individual staff members. Chances are the one you choose could be busy or unable to help, so by pinging us all you get the best chance of receiving help. You can ping us in game or from discord.
The list of known crashes is below. Do not take advantage of these bugs to cause server downtime.

No using dupe bugs or similar gaming changing glitches to bypass activities in the game. There are a few known ones in the pack that we are keeping an eye out for.
If you come across any bugs and or crashes let an admin know and we will see what we can do to mitigate the issue.

Known crashesClick each crash for more information

Any type of tree in the enderIO farming station will cause the server to crash untill an admin can download the server and delete the farming station. You can not harvest trees with the enderIO farming station.
Opening ore bags with the mechanical user will eventaully cause the server to crash when it gets an ore that doesnt exist. The server will not restart untill an admin can download the world and delete the mechanical user. You can not automatically open ore bags with the mechanical user.

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