Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (R.A.D.) is a minecraft modpack for the java edition of minecraft. It’s focused on exploration and dungeon raiding, as well as having a lot of options for building.
It aims to avoid general tech mods but does make use of utility mods such as extra utilities and simple storage network.

This server is no longer active due to the continued toxicity of the pack developers.

To join the server you need

  • The Java Edition of Minecraft
  • The Twitch launcher or MultiMC
  • To allocate at least 4 gigabytes of ram to Minecraft
  • To put in the multiplayer menu

To download the pack or find out more information about it, use this link or search for Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons in the twitch launcher.


Online players:

Server Status: Online

Server specific rules

All rules listed here apply to this server unless otherwise stated.

Do not test your weapons on other players without their permission. There are weapons in this pack that will by chance one shot a player at any level. If you kill a player without permission and they get upset about it you will be punished.

Other players may be using those way stones as a warp to important locations. This rule includes breaking them to rename them as that removes it from their list.

Keep your waystones and floo fireplaces unique. As in don’t name them “home”, “cliff”, “house”, or “the place”. If nothing else add your name to it so that others who visit have a way to tell your waystone and floo point from someone else’s.

Using bugs, glitches, exploits, or otherwise unintended or harmfull game behavior will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to causing crashes, duping items, or bypassing ftb claims.

You can claim waystones in your base, but not waystones that generate with structures or villagers.

Bounty boards are blocks that generate in villages that give a bounty. These are considered public structures and can not be claimed.