General Rules

These are rules that pertain to every form of my community. Whether it be on discord, streams, comments, or a game you are expected to follow these rules. 

To most people they won’t be an issue, they can generally be summed up as “Don’t be a jerk”, but alas they must be pointed out or people will complain about not knowing.

Bullying in all of its forms are heavily moderated here. We will not stand for players to be cursed at, put down, threatened, or otherwise harassed by anyone. If you are found to be bullying people on any part of our platform, even to members outside of it, then you will be banned.

We are open to people looking to expand their communities, but we want to keep advertised content relevant to the area.

If you wish to advertise your community please contact the moderators or email me at with links and a description of your community. 

All constructive criticism is welcome, but be prepared to back up your ideas. I am personally always looking to improve my processes, so will generally have a litany or reasons why I do something the way I do.

When bringing up an issue please refrain from battering the topic. Be prepared to be told that we wont change something, sometimes for unrelated reasons like time or skill.

Just because a rule isn't listed doesn't mean it's allowed. I would never reach the end of the list if I were to point out everything that isn't allowed. As the opening line says. "Don't be a jerk" If you follow that we are willing to discuss issues prior to punishment.
Each game and area will tend to have it's own set of rules. They will be labeled and visible at any time. You will not get a warning for breaking most rules.