A brothers chaos

Of the two brothers one stood out. He was the louder and more enthusiastic one. As opposed to his counterpart who watched from the background, carefully planning each action. The grander brother rushed through...

The first brothers (lore concept)

There was a time in the past, a time where location was nonsense and the allpowerfull had not yet been forged. In this abstract place when time never changed a spark hotter than any...

Life over time

All a cascading filter
The made lost defect
Each their own trickster
Trapped by what they deflect

Fire of man

Words spoken by kin
A rule made to bend
The burned idea in sin
Truth the masters lend

Stitch & Remix

Stitch and remixGrab reality and affixAttached with a masculine gripBuild the stars as you see fitA world built from the seam you split Take each step in timeA momentary peace signEach breath marking the...

Audio processing with mov

You know that person that always tries to finish your sentences for you, trying to prove that they have a sense of the world around them by making an assumption and rolling with it?...


Traverse the lands brinkAcross every world linkEach defined and distinctMaking broad skies blink A world by which minds are madeThrough it lines can fadeBoundaries defined melt awayAnd lay to waste mans decay A global...

Drawn out

The world shakesAs the morning wakesTo a shattered fateA mourning mate The aftermath of lives pastTheir tortured mind all but ashDrawn out over static factsA bed of nails and wax The missing middle strandIdeas...

Motion Defined

Find me motion definedA motion that shows its mindStaying within lines predefinedReactions by which life can bind Find me a word stuck in timeThat shows meaning through designThe word a beating heart against a...