Stitch & Remix

Stitch and remix
Grab reality and affix
Attached with a masculine grip
Build the stars as you see fit
A world built from the seam you split

Take each step in time
A momentary peace sign
Each breath marking the rhyme
A score for the all encompassing lines
The ordered rows staying aligned

Make a feminine task
A mothers fearsome grasp
By which a world is clasped
Through which we all see our past
The touch of those long passed

Define the forbidden mark
By which all men will march
Holding back the fear so stark
The edge by which death embarks
A symbol of men amongst the stars

You build a world with many parts
Both power and fear to start
Your fear in your lack of skillful art
And having the power to give your heart
To know you freedom is torn apart

Behold, world grows beyond you
It makes its own hold for truth
Taking steps to deny it’s past youth
And rid itself of the carrion brutes
Those who are themselves new