The lion token

The lion token – June 5th 2019

This drawing inspires me every time I look at it. The process going in was so vague, the idea was formless. It had a feeling and motion to it, but no image or words. I knew I wanted broad sweeping curves, radiating ridges in the center, and to have a mix of clear lines and shaded blurry lines.
That’s how most of my drawings start though, a general shape or motion in mind with an idea for what to refine later. General ideas of what to do, not much focus in mind. While I’m getting better at drawing more defined objects I think I’ll always have a love for these accident drawings. Just a doodle that turns into something beautiful.

Most don’t turn out so well, but its constant. I draw every time there is a free moment with access to a medium. Before I finally started acting on my dreams I carried around notebooks and scarps of paper everywhere because there was nothing else to capture my interest. Now its not quite so often, but when I get to it I always come out the other side better and with a clearer mind.

This one in particular means a lot to me because I was still more uncomfortable with digital art than pen and paper. Being able to get similar results out of it made me happier than I can describe. It set my drawing as a higher priority for quite a few weeks after that, making long strides in comfort along the way.

This is going to be a start of a series of posts about how my art has affected my view on life and how the view that perspective gives me day to day. I’m not what i would consider a fully fledged artists by any means, I have an eye for patterns and lines, but it inspires me every step of the way and changes me all the time.