Category: Abstract

Poems or random stories with no context. I will just run with an idea or a group of words and see where it goes. No format or predetermined rules, just ideas.

A life of clay

My hands are traitors
Beasts of pain and failure
Tools of necessity
Rotten through with mediocrity

Life devoured

On you lands the blame
In your hands was the seed
From your life was built the flame
That devoured the world in greed

A man lost is well aware

Just as darkness fuels despair
A man lost is well aware
That he built his binding lair
And his chains are locked by lack of care

Senseless Time

As time goes by it becomes harder and harder to trust my senses, to know exactly how and why my body reacts to the world. My interpretation changes by the second and some days...

Life over time

All a cascading filter
The made lost defect
Each their own trickster
Trapped by what they deflect

Fire of man

Words spoken by kin
A rule made to bend
The burned idea in sin
Truth the masters lend

Stitch & Remix

Stitch and remixGrab reality and affixAttached with a masculine gripBuild the stars as you see fitA world built from the seam you split Take each step in timeA momentary peace signEach breath marking the...


Traverse the lands brinkAcross every world linkEach defined and distinctMaking broad skies blink A world by which minds are madeThrough it lines can fadeBoundaries defined melt awayAnd lay to waste mans decay A global...

Drawn out

The world shakesAs the morning wakesTo a shattered fateA mourning mate The aftermath of lives pastTheir tortured mind all but ashDrawn out over static factsA bed of nails and wax The missing middle strandIdeas...

Motion Defined

Find me motion definedA motion that shows its mindStaying within lines predefinedReactions by which life can bind Find me a word stuck in timeThat shows meaning through designThe word a beating heart against a...