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master sparks

Posted on Friday the 19th of October 2018 at 01:00 PM UTC

As the day begins, and the pair has finished their morning routine, the student asks "Master, is today the day?" feeling the hesitance in the question the master replies "yes, it is." Walking unsteadily he takes his sword off the wall and draws it, taking a step back he shakes off his unease. When his student is the master prepares his stance and takes on the appearance of a planted tree, immovable in his footing. With both of them ready and comfortable with their positions the student breaks the silence "who do you think will win this time?" the master pauses and considers how they have changed, and comes to a conclusion, but wary of changing the result, leaves it at "who knows? We have both grown in this cycle, and much has changed." Feeling cocky and somewhat out of character, the student replies in a confident voice "well, I think I'm going to win." The master smirks "really? After not having won once, even during all of our training?" The student crosses his arms and leans back "yeah, of course. I know all of your moves," taking a moment to think he says, " And you can't teach an old dog new tricks" he finishes with a smirk happy with himself. The master stays ready, "ok then, let's see you put some grooves on this old log" he suddenly limbers up, creaking as if made of stone and iron. The master leaps forward thrusting his arm towards his student, then faster than his student can see he grabs the sword from his back. The student unprepared for the oncoming blade (having been expecting only a fist) ducks and deflects the blade inches from his face off of his bracer. The master launches off his student bruising both his hand and the arm of his student. Recovering from his masters attack the student gets off the ground and adjusts his bracer, checking for cuts on his arm as he stabs his sword into the ground. The master takes advantage of the second he was distracted and lunges. The student was expecting this and grabs his sword, then lunges back and swings his sword upwards spraying dirt and stones in the air. Surprised and spitting dirt the master exclaims "aha! You knew where I was that time!". The student, feeling unimpressed replies "yes, yes, I told you, I know your moves". Laughing as if at a joke the master says "Right, lets see you prove it then."

The student makes a move just as the master finishes his sentence, rushing at him with speed the master hasn't seem him use before. Easily able to keep up the master dodges left and spins around thrusting his sword where the student should have been, but finds only air. The student instead stands a few feet away looking as if he is trying not to breathe. Smirking, the master says, "I see your pushing yourself today". Sounding out of breath the student responds "of course, today is our last battle here". Somberly the master replies "ah, yes. I had almost forgotten in our play". Remembering their goal they step apart and recover from what they have done so far. Adjusting armor and weapons they ready for a long battle. In planning his next move he remembers the strength his student displayed in the last few training sessions and he releases a few of his restraints. As he does so he relaxes his strict pose and feels as though a great weight has been lifted off him as the limits he had set weaken. "Are you ready to actually fight me master?" The master chuckles, easing his stress away, he replies "That was just the warm up student, if that's thrown you off, then all would be lost. Now, yes. Lets fight for real.". They walked to the middle of the clearing and watched for an opening that the other didn't notice. They circled until they were each at the edge of the clearing. Each seeing no opening and having no space left to circle, they ran at each other at speeds they saved only for today, knowing the energy would be wasted otherwise, throwing sticks and plants into the air as if a storm were on top of them.

In one heavy blow their swords met forcing the air away, the gust clearing the dust from the middle of the clearing, leaving only stone behind. The master jumped off his students raised sword spinning mid air to land facing his students back and swung with enough force to sway the trees on the edge of the clearing. Sensing he was in danger the student jumps into the air above the masters swing just clearing his blade as it arced below him. Caught mid air by the following gust of wind he topples onto the ground leaving him open. Before the master could take advantage, he stumbles back to his feet and readies his sword, frustrated that he was caught off guard so early. Cursing that he felt rusty even though they just fought yesterday, he thinks "it must be my nerves, I have to calm down". Not knowing where his master was hiding or where he is planning to come from, he took a moment for a deep breath, but just before he let it go he felt the master coming from the right. Ducking down and back he sees the blade arc above him, nearly landing on his back he drops his sword and thrusts his palms into the ground to catch himself. Using one hand he forces himself into the air and grabs his sword with the other. Flustered he scrambles to see where his master is, knowing he cant keep up his defense forever.

The master lurks on the edge of clearing, watching his student get thrown off by his attacks. He throws himself into the clearing while the student faces away, waiting for him to notice his presence he stays behind his student, following as he turns around. When the student suddenly stiffens and turns deliberately towards the master he knows that he has sensed him, at this que he lunges forward finding a swinging sword where the student was a moment ago. Caught off guard he deflects the sword and skids across the ground on his feet. As he looks up he sees his student rushing him, not quite as fast as he did in the beginning but fast enough that here had but a moment before they met. As they met the master raised his sword and matched the student in strength, as if in an arm wrestling math the student began pushing harder and harder till the master bowed from the force. Letting the students sword fall on the ground and cut a gash many feet longer than the sword, he dodges out of the way only to be met with the students blade once again. Proud he mutters " he's recovering so much faster now", smirking he faces the student and rushes forward only to be match in strength again.

Move after move parried perfectly time and time again, they were matched, the masters skill and experience to the students raw power. It went on like this for hours. The master was holding himself back, knowing he could win if only he could try frustrated him. But it must be worth it. He had to help his student, it was the only goal. Even so, in his limited state the student was beginning to over take him, every blow pounded him closer to the ground than the last. As the student got better at predicting his stance and more precise with his massive blows. Each strike has the ability to take the master down, if not for the student being as predictable as if he were shouting his intentions. Trying to help his student to see his mistakes, the master calls out mid battle "I can see your moves! You must attack when I least expect it if you plan to win" In a quitter voice he says "you can win, I know it, you can win, you have to..." not hearing the second part, but seeing his mistakes the student put less power into each punch, focusing more on position than strength. Watching where his master is and where he will be next step, following as if he were his masters shadow . Getting closer and closer each time, adjusting he maneuvers against that of his masters with every mistake and finally lands a punch, after hours of fighting when the light had already faded. The master had moved behind a tree stump hoping to catch the student by surprise when he came looking, but the student had seen. Having been watching from the other side rather than preparing for another blind thrust. When the master came he sensed the student approach he leapt from behind the stump and found the students sword awaiting mid swing, cloud of dust half a story tall trailing behind. Knowing there was no chance the master braced his face and buckled down for the blow.

As the master took the blow the student reveled in his victory, happy to have finally won. "There was no way he could have survived that" he mused "it was perfectly placed and timed, it should have taken his head clean off" he walks off laughing getting ready to prepare to move on. As he took one more step he heard a shuffling behind him, turning around he saw the master lifting himself off the ground, clothes in tatters but otherwise uninjured. As he rose he chuckled "aha, I thought you had me there, but you were just barely to high, you got to confident and missed." defeated and not knowing his next step he lands on his knees and cries out in agony. "I had won, he was defeated, I knew he was. After so many tries I had done it, but I still failed, by an imperceptibly small margin." he thought as he fell into the depths of his mind, whirling as if in a storm.

As he succumbed to his anger and loss he realized he would never make it, he had tried as hard as he could. His master, centuries older than him was just too powerful. Even with the skill his master saw in him there was no way he could beat him. Looking up he saw his master walking up for the finishing blow, looking sad and disappointed. Defeated the student bows his head and succumbs to his misery. As the master walks up he feels his student may be close to unlocking his power, weather it is before or after is up to how far he falls. So, in preparation for the final blow he draws his sword behind his back, pulling with him the dust off his clothes and in one great motion, swings forward. Slower than he was should have, giving his student time to sense it. The student, prepping for the final blow, on the verge of tears that he had never let fall, suddenly felt a change in his mind, as if a new limb were there. He poked at it and felt a burn arc across his arm, recognizing what this must be forced his whole self at it, destroying the thin protection around it. The student screams in agony as fire and electricity arcs across his body and his very blood boils from the power. The explosion catches the master mid swing and knocks the sword from his hand, with his sword whirling off into the distance he buckles down and braces till the explosion dies down. Looking up he sees his student covered in flaming arcs of electricity, uncontrolled and charring his scared skin where it touches. Slowly mist forms around the student, obscuring the view of the master. Gleeful the master releases all of his restraints knowing this fight could very well be the one.

The master, still having most of his energy left is confident he can still defeat his student and teach him how to use his newfound power. But he will have to use more of his power to do so, clearing his mind of the excitement and relief he stands perfectly still as only he can and forms armor of dense wood around his body, branching out to form an Ent like body around himself. It will slow him down but will amplify his strength tenfold. The student seeing this new threat launches himself at it only to be launched back to the ground by a large branch like arm. The sparks stutter. Coming back with new vigor the student comes at his master again and this time takes off the arm before it touches him, blackening the end. The master is surprised at the heat, not realizing he could already char such dense wood. Again the student flings himself again and again an arm is burned off. Now smaller branches begin to grow out of the masters armor and form a cage around him, not being able to regrow charred arms without the whole shell he has resorted to defense. In one swoop the student send an arc into the brush and chars it all to the inside of the masters shell. Having exposed his goal the student leaps into the hole he created and stabs his master in the heart. Happy to have been defeated and to see his student succeed casts a spell to calm his students mind so he can close the ceremony. Then, with his final breath he seals his soul in his body, the first time he has had to do that to himself.

The student wakes hours after with a clear mind and a perfect recollection of what occurred during the fight. He is ecstatic that he accomplished his goal, but nervous as he has never done this side of the ceremony, it was always him that had been defeated. He went back to the house and grabbed the wooden chest that held the instructions meant just for him on the day he won. He went around the house gathering the supplies he needed and burning the rest, they didn't need it anymore. He went back out to the clearing and laid everything out with the chest in the middle. As he set it up, making sure to keep the chest in the middle as it was linked to where they planned to go, he thought about his newfound power. He tried to summon it again a few times and failed, only mustering some of the strength and a slight smell of a thunderstorm. Carrying his masters body over, he couldn't help feel sad. He had never seen his master this way, powerless and limp as a sapling. He shook of the fear that he really was gone and placed his masters body where his soul should be sealed to the right of the chest. Sitting to the left of the chest and hoping that his master was able to teach him more about his power, he began singing of home and where he wanted to go, then preceded, in the midst of the song and his emotions, to take out a short thin blade and stab himself in the exact spot he had his master. As he faded away he worried that he had failed, as he felt was his curse. Then he woke next to his master in a field flowers and they laughed, happy to have another goal.

Defnatly live :D

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After spending 24 hours trying to load an empty database, messing with user perms, and learning more about mysql i finally reasised i am an idiot. Thanks to james i got it up and running and can now add content to the site like i wanted to :D

Site is live!

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I am an autistic 19 year old just getting into who I am. Going through college and using this as a release and a way to have a scheduled way to keep myself sane. I primarily stream with my brother but really want to stream by myself once I get the time primarily to get deeper into the topics that my brother and I touch on. As it stands now, i have very little time on my hands and enjoy playing with him, though if the time comes where he isnt availible I'll give it a go by myself.

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