I have a youtube channel! It's very small and is just starting out, but if you know who I am and what I do, check it out :D .

IP: sprout.mov51.net

The servers have been down since Febuary 11th 2018 due to me not being able to pay for them. I have plans to bring them back but I need to be stable first.

This is the page for my sprout server. Sprot is a modpack based on exploration, in order to make this playstyle possible TPL (the creator of the pack) has gated most of the mods behind quests and shop keepers. This makes it difficult for servers as the world is constantly being explored, we solve this issue by making wilderness warps at player request.


  1. Keep in mind this pack is in beta, there will inevitably be resets and bugs.

  2. Do not post about a crash without the crash report.

  3. PVP is on for emersion. Do not attack other players without permision, this includes testing weapons/spells and pranking.

  4. Make sure to claim your base(s) so theyarent looted, we will not replace blocks/items from an unclaimed build.

  5. Place heads on top of waystones that you want to keep. Do not break waystones with heads on top of them.

I am an autistic 19 year old just getting into who I am. Going through college and using this as a release and a way to have a scheduled way to keep myself sane. I primarily stream with my brother but really want to stream by myself once I get the time primarily to get deeper into the topics that my brother and I touch on. As it stands now, i have very little time on my hands and enjoy playing with him, though if the time comes where he isnt availible I'll give it a go by myself.

Below I have a list of updates relavent to projects I'm working on or things that I'm doing in general.