I have a youtube channel! It's very small and is just starting out, but if you know who I am and what I do, check it out :D .

This is where I keep information about myself, its more like a journal or list of answers for myself than anything I think "everyone" should read. But if you find that your going through something similar to what ive talked about, ask and I will be more than happy to write about it here, I dont want anyone to feel alone.

PC specs

Posted on Saturday the 8th of September 2018 at 01:41 PM UTC

These are my PC specs, they arent here in any way to suggest what you should buy. This is what I bought for what I needed at the time and even have upgrades planned.

  • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @3.40GHz
  • PowerColor RED DRAGON Radeon RX 480 DirectX 12 AXRX 480 8GB
  • Nvidia GeForce 210
  • 3 AOC 2260 1080p monitors
  • 1 32 inch 1080p Sceptre television
  • 1 acer 1080p monitor
  • 1 HP L1710 1024x768 monitor
  • 32GB 2400 mhz DDR4 Ram

I am an autistic 19 year old just getting into who I am. Going through college and using this as a release and a way to have a scheduled way to keep myself sane. I primarily stream with my brother but really want to stream by myself once I get the time primarily to get deeper into the topics that my brother and I touch on. As it stands now, i have very little time on my hands and enjoy playing with him, though if the time comes where he isnt availible I'll give it a go by myself.

Below I have a list of updates relavent to projects I'm working on or things that I'm doing in general.