Open a file with Krita

Krita is an open source image editor that aims to provide powerful tools to beginners in image editing. However, before we can use those tools, we need to learn the basics. This is a tutorial on how to achieve the first step of working with any image editing program, opening a file.

If you have Krita installed then you can begin, if not then go here to see how you can install the program. When you open Krita for the first time you should see image 1. This is the page that you will always see when opening Krita, and from here you can open your file.

Image 1
Opening screen of Krita. Displaying a start screen with new and open file buttons.

While it may seem obvious to just click the open file button, and you can certainly start with that, there is a much faster way that is generally more seamless. If you know where the file is stored on your computer or you already have the folder open or on your desktop, you can drag the file itself into Krita and it will open it for you. There is a video next to here that will show you.

Doing it that way generally saves you time when the files home folder is already open, you don’t have to navigate to it again. Not only is it faster in this case, but most modern programs will accept dragging a file over them.

From here you are equipped to open you file on a whim and begin editing! Enjoy!

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  1. February 12, 2020

    […] Once the template is open in Krita the first thing you should see is displayed in image 1. By default capes are 64 by 32 pixels, or 64×32 (image 2). That is obviously way too small for anything but pixel art, especially when you consider that you only have parts of that area to actually display an image.The front and back faces of the cape are 16×10 pixels and the main face of the elytra (excluding the rounded edges) is 20×10 pixels.  […]