The metal daisy

Sunshine on a metal daisy
A pure form of life gone crazy
Metallic crystals of insanity
Structure built and straining
A shape captured vaguely
A world its bent on fixing
Swirl to the light forever swinging
A dancer to the suns daytime singing
Twisting its stem nearly always dizzy
Sunshine blasting a metal daisy
Heating the air with fury
Silky hairs angrily burning

Petals of shiny metal reaching near
A fearsome thought held in fear
The darkness of night a force of willful sheer
A terror so overwhelming the world steers clear
The light of day a thought held dear
Dooming to light all cowards born of fear
Those who from the sidelines and cheer
Afternoon light ends right here
Glinting on a puddle of the man’s shodden tear

This flower a beauty by which to define pure
A world in which life needs no cure
This metal daisy shines as a glistening mirror
The daisy a monument left to reassure
The light blinding those without will to endure
Sunshine glinting from a light bourn of vapor
The metal daisy a beacon of hope and allure

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