How to use a cape template

This is an explanation on how cape templates work for James090500’s minecraft capes mod. A template is essentially an unwrapped form of a 3D model. Each shape on the template matches to a side of the model in game.That means that the 3D box cape and elytra are squashed and laid out over a 2D image. This makes it possible to edit and save the template in conventional image editors rather than having to change the file directly in a 3D environment. While that may be preferred in some cases, it’s complicated and requires a lot of code to get to work so you won’t find options for it in most image editors.

Displayed on image 1 is what the template looks like. Each section is a specific color and when loaded into the game those colors will always match the same positions on the cape/elytra.

Displayed in images 2 and 3 are the two ways that the template is wrapped around the default cape and elytra models. You can see each of the colors displayed on the edges.

Example of the ape template with each of the sides marked out

Shown above is an example of where the faces align to. Those faces will always align to the same sides of the cape/elytra. This whole processes is called UV mapping. Luckily, the game takes care of most of the complicated parts like wrapping and unwrapping the image around the cape, but leaves you to give it the design to wrap with.

I hope you understand what the purpose and function of the cape template is now, It’s important for editing any size cape as well as generally editing textures.¬†

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