A taste of heat

Taste the swirling air travel over your tongue, every angle of the invisible blades leaving their own distinct mark. Indescribable differences outlined in memory and yearned for with every breath. Every moment , every rush of new air opens a vision to a new world unseen by the eyes of man, and yet tainted by its tongue. A vision of the future, of what can be, of what to do!

Stretch against the air as it cools your fevered skin, pulsing blood warming with every heartbeat. Feel how the air cascades across your skin. A whispering of the power behind it, a minuscule amount of all the intent and malice it contains. The tiniest portion of the whole able to be sensed by your slowly sharpening perception, to be defined by your skill at the task at hand.

Consume everything, learn it all! Take in every bit of that information the air unveils, take it in and know its secrets. Know what it means to see the world through your body rather than your eyes. React to the unseen, transcribe the unheard, and hide secrets where only those like you will kow to look. Take the world as it is and change it!

Fear the world rushing by, the noise drowning out your beloved information, the scenery of sound. Watch your mind and keep it in check, keep pace with your surroundings. The world will fall, but if you stand still, you’ll miss the best parts.

Enjoy the taste of hot water while it lasts, fear the day when it’s replaced with the taste of dry metal. It may be your curse for now, but the day will come where it will be your favorite memory. Commit to memory your boiling skin, for if there is something to boil, you have yet to truly burn. Ashes hold no heat.

To dust
We are dust. Yearning for a drink, the thirst that no amount of liquid satiates. A yearning to do more, not enough was done. A powder in the wind, a charred brick amongst stone, cursed to be food for the world. The task was done, our purpose served. May the world be all the better for it.

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